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Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti North Camp

Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti North Camp

$1300 per person

Serian Serengeti North Camp is perfectly situated to watch the Wildebeest Migration cross the mighty Mara River.

Serian Serengeti North Camp is perfectly situated to watch the Wildebeest Migration cross the mighty Mara River.

Experience the sheer drama as the Wildebeest travel north (by the millions) to cross the deep Mara river filled with crocodiles. For many of these mighty predators, this will be their only meal for many months. The stage is set for a dramatic showdown – you really have to be there.

Serian Serengeti North Camp is open from 15 June to 15 November.

During the dates of 15 December to 1 May, the camp is relocated to the Southern Serengeti Park and you can find it here.


Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti North Camp is situated in the northern part of the Serengeti Park. The camp is situated among the many tree land areas found within the north. The camp is known for their amazing food, service that is both friendly and professional all within one of the most beautiful settings in the natural world.


The Northern Serengeti Park is well known for the wide variety of game that roam the area. It is home to lions, leopards, cheetah, wild dogs and many others. It is also home to the annual crossing of the wildebeest migration at the mighty Mara River, one of the most exciting spectacles to see in the natural world.


Unlike the Southern Serengeti, the Northern Serengeti Park is well known for the various trees species that cover the landscape. Vast herds of elephants make this area their year round home and is a popular spectacle among all visitors to the Serengeti.


The Northern Serengeti Park also features some of the most breath taking wild surroundings found anywhere in the world, most of which is unspoiled by human habitation. It is truly a beautiful wild place that makes for a perfect place to unwind and forget about the stresses of the world.

Activities and Facilities

The main activity at Serian Serengeti North Camp are game drives (safaris). Your two game drives each day are done by highly trained and experience game rangers. Be sure to ask as many questions about the many birds, animals and terrain which are the hallmarks of the Serengeti.


Another great activity are bush walks (walking safaris). Experiencing the Serengeti Park on foot is one of the most amazing experiences to have. Experienced game rangers will guide you safely through the area for you to have a close up experience with nature.

Flight Information

The closest airstrip to the camp is Kogatende airstrip. To book flights, you can contact us.

Scheduled flights to and from the Serengeti Park are provided between 07:00 and 12:00.

Various flights are available – some examples inlude:

  • Arusha – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Arusha
  • Zanzibar – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Zanzibar
  • Nairobi – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Nairobi
  • Kigali – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Kigali
  • Kilimanjaro – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Kilimanjaro
  • Kuro – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Kuro
  • Lake Manyara – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Lake Manyara
  • Mwanza – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Mwanza
  • Ruaha – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Ruaha

Special chartered flights can be arranged. Please contact us for more information.

Child Policy

Children are welcome at Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti North Camp.

What to pack

The Serengeti Park is a temperate zone with very small variants in temperature. However, with rains during the summer and cold fronts during the winter, it is always advisable to pack some warm clothes along with your cooler clothing.

The dress code is casual due to the laid back atmosphere of the location. Expect easy going days with very little to no stress.

Here is a comprehensive list of things to pack:

  • Camera
  • Warm clothes
  • Comfortable cooler clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Rain attire during the summer months (September – May)
  • Binoculars
  • Toiletries
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Anti-Malaria tablets

Tour expectations

Serengeti tours are known for their relaxing nature, laid back atmosphere and exciting game drives (safaris). The landscape has barely changed in thousands of years and the area is one of the least spoilt by human touch. Guests can expect amazing natural sceneries and a genuine “wild” experience as few places can deliver.


Animal diversity in the Serengeti is some of the highest found anywhere in the world. The biggest draw to the Serengeti Park is the Annual Wildebeest Migration which features vast herds of wildebeest, zebra and various other smaller animals such as gazelles.


Other animals include the Big 5 (lions, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo), various antelope, zebra, cheetah, wild dogs and many others.


With well over 500 bird species, avid bird watchers are always treated to some of the most varied birding experiences available.


At Serian Serengeti North Camp guests are treated to friendly staff, always ready to assist their guest’s every need. With world renowned meals and beautiful scenery, Serengeti North Camp offers relaxation like few other holiday destinations in the world.


The basic daily schedule is as follows:


Early morning you are greeted by the sounds of the bush as it becomes alive for the day. The rich aroma of fresh filter coffee is one of the hallmarks of the camp as you ready yourself for the day’s excursions.


After your coffee and biscuits, you will set out for your morning game drive (safari). Game drives are usually a few hours long, however depending on the sighting they can be a bit longer.


After you arrive back at Serian Serengeti North Camp, a delicious breakfast will await you. After breakfast, you can either go on the bush walk (walking safari) or spend the day in the camp enjoying the scenery and relaxation on offer.


After the bush walk, you will be given some time to refresh and then enjoy a delicious lunch.


After lunch, you have a shot leisure time before your afternoon game drive (safari) and the continuation of your Serengeti adventure.


After the afternoon game drive (safari), you can freshen up and then have an amazing dinner, carefully crafted by the chef.


After dinner, you can stay up and socialize or retire early for bed so you are fresh for the new day’s adventure.



    Rate inclusions and exclusions

    The best package rates start from $1300 US per person per night sharing. Our rates come with a best rate guarantee where we will either match of beat other written quotes. Groups of eight or more guests qualify for a group tour discount and long stay bookings are also discounted. It is suggested that the best way to experience the Serengeti is to spend at least three nights or more. Long stay discounts generally start from four nights of more. The rates include:
    • Transfers from the airstrip and back
    • All meals
    • Full local bar
    • Daily laundry
    • Exclusive use of 4WD vehicle, private guide and spotter
    • Unlimited Game drives
    • Guided walks
    Rates exclude:
    • Vintage wines and champagne
    • All curio shop purchases
    • All items of a personal nature
    Alex Walker Serian Serengeti North Camp has only 8 tented suites, ensuring one of the best Serengeti Tours due to the exclusivity. The tents are situated deep in the canopies of the woodlands of the Northern Serengeti. With the beautiful Serengeti used as its main inspiration, the decorations in each tent were cleverly picked to accentuate the rough feel of the bush while maintaining a high level of comfort. Mornings you wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and the sounds of the thousands of birds waking up and getting ready for the day. Each of the carefully decorated tents come standard with the following:
    • Full en suite bathroom with flushing toilet
    • 24 hour electricity
    • Sweeping views of the surrounding plains