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Alex Walker’s Serian Kusini Camp

Alex Walker’s Serian Kusini Camp

$1300 per person

It is truly the ideal place to experience the wonders of the calving season within the Serengeti Park.

It is truly the ideal place to experience the wonders of the calving season within the Serengeti Park.

This camp is open from 15 December to 1 May.

During the dates of 15 June to 15 November the camp can be found here


The Serengeti Plains is one of the best known and well-loved safari holiday destinations. Its iconic open plains stretch from horizon to horizon, filled with animal life living out the natural drama that makes up the wildlife in Africa.

Serian Serengeti Kusini Camp is situated in this often time romanticized area, bringing guests ever closer to the natural wonder that is the Serengeti Plains. Guests are often treated to vast herds of wildebeest that mill about the plains, having covered thousands of kilometers to come to this area to have their young.

The area is market for the many young animals being borne in droves as they take their first steps of life and learn the rules of life in Africa.

The plains are also teeming with other wildlife, such as the always adorable Thompson Gazelle, massive herds of Zebra, Impala and of course the various carnivores that feed on them.

Serian Serengeti Kusini Camp is loved by their many returning guests for their amazing service, food and spectacular setting, which is perfect for any true safari tour.

Activities and Facilities

Game Drives (safaris) are done by experienced game rangers in specialized vehicles. There are generally two a day at Serian Serengeti Kusini Camp. One each morning and one in the afternoon. These times are selected as the animals are most active during the early mornings and the late afternoon as they seek shelter during the hottest part of the day.

Bush walks are also offered at Serian Serengeti Kusisini Camp. This is a truly amazing way of getting to see the more intimate beauties of the bush. Each bush walk is done by a team of experienced rangers who will keep you safe as you explore the bush close up.

Hot air balloon rides can also be arranged. Fly over the majestic Serengeti and watch the massive herds of wildebeest as they traverse the open plains with their young. Taking part in this option you will have one of the most awe inspiring sights to be had in Africa.

Flight Information

The closest airstrip is Serengeti South airstrip. To book a flight to Serian Kusini Camp, please contact us.

Scheduled flights to and from the Serengeti Park are provided between 07:00 and 12:00.

Various flights are available – some examples inlude:

  • Arusha – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Arusha
  • Zanzibar – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Zanzibar
  • Nairobi – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Nairobi
  • Kigali – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Kigali
  • Kilimanjaro – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Kilimanjaro
  • Kuro – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Kuro
  • Lake Manyara – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Lake Manyara
  • Mwanza – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Mwanza
  • Ruaha – Serengeti Park
  • Serengeti Park – Ruaha

Special chartered flights can be arranged. Please contact us for more information.

Child Policy

Children are welcome at Alex Walker’s Serian Kusini Camp. Child minders are available for children too young to go on the game drives (safaris).

What to Pack

The Serengeti Park is a temperate zone with very small variants in temperature. However, with rains during the summer and cold fronts during the winter, it is always advisable to pack some warm clothes along with your cooler clothing.

The dress code is casual due to the laid back atmosphere of the location. Expect easy going days with very little to no stress.

Here is a comprehensive list of things to pack:

  • Camera
  • Warm clothes
  • Comfortable cooler clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Rain attire during the summer months (September – May)
  • Binoculars
  • Toiletries
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Anti-Malaria tablets

Tour expectations

Holidays in the Serengeti are some of the most popular in the world. Guests are treated to an area so well conserved that the landscape and animals are very much the same as they have been thousands of years ago.

With well over 500 different bird species, guests can expect to be surrounded by the beautiful birds, both native to Africa and those who visit on a seasonal basis. From large predatory birds to the smallest of finches, the Serengeti Park is home to so much diversity that the average birder will never wish to leave.

Various animals are quite common throughout the Serengeti. The world renowned wildebeest migration is just one of the amazing sites that await you. You will often be treated to the various different type of antelope, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, hyenas, lions, cheetah, the always elusive leopard and the various other animals that call this patch of beautiful Africa home.

At Serian Kusini Camp the atmosphere is that of calm, quiet and peaceful. Everything feels laid back and the worries of the world will just melt away. Guests often walk around with shorts and sandals at the camp while they dine on some of the most delicious meals ever provided in Africa.

The basic daily schedule works as follows:

Guests wake up just before the sun rises to the smell of fresh coffee and some biscuits. The morning game drive (safari) then commences and your daily Serengeti adventure begins.

Upon your return to Serian Kusini Camp, you will be treated to breakfast.

The bush walk will then commence and you can decide if you wish to join it or just spend your midmorning to afternoon at leisure at the camp, watching the amazing scenery or if you wish to join the ground adventure.

Lunch will be served when guests return from their morning walk.

After lunch, there is a short bit of leisure time to unwind at the camp before the afternoon game drive (safari) starts.

Upon your return, you will have a chance to freshen up before dinner.

After dinner you will be escorted to your tented suite and the next morning the adventure starts anew.


    Serian Serengeti Kusini Camp is located on the Serengeti Plains during the months of December - May when the Wildebeest Migration comes to this area. The Serengeti Plains are situated in the southern side of the Serengeti and is bordered by the Maswa Game Reserve and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. These two massive reserves help to keep a high level of biodiversity within the Serengeti Park.


    The best package rates start from 1300$ US per person per night sharing. Our rates come with a best rate guarantee where we will either match of beat other written quotes. Groups of eight or more guests qualify for a group tour discount and long stay bookings are also discounted. It is suggested that you the best way to experience the Serengeti is to spend at least three nights or more. Long stay discounts generally start from four nights of more.

    Rate inclusions and exclusions

    Rates include:
    • Transfers from the airstrip and back
    • All meals
    • Full local bar
    • Daily laundry
    • Exclusive use of 4WD vehicle, private guide and spotter
    • Unlimited Game drives
    • Guided walks
    Rates exclude:
    • Vintage wines and champagne
    • Curio shop purchases
    • All items of a personal nature
    Alex Walker’s Serian Kusini Camp is world renowned for their low key feel mixed with the luxuries of modern living. Each beautifully furnished tented suite is artfully decorated to incorporate the feel of early bush exploration while keeping your comfort always in mind, ensuring the best experience for your Serengeti Tour. Nestled deep inside the Serengeti Plains, the camp’s site is ideally located for a quick drive to where the vast wildebeest herds are, while keeping a private atmosphere away from all the other tourists in the Serengeti Park. Each morning you will be awakened by the sounds of the bush coming to life, with birds calling to each other, a gentle breeze whipping about your tent and the smell of fresh filter coffee as you prepare for your day’s adventures. Most guests always note on how the calm scenery of nature seems to bathe them in a feeling of peace and relaxation, with their troubles melting away from the soothing magic that Africa yields on the souls of its guests. Each of the lovingly decorated tented suites have the following as standard:
    • Private "porch" with beautiful views of the natural surroundings
    • Full en-suite bathroom with flush toilets
    • 24 hour electricity
    • Comfortable beds